Trang is an opensource tool used by Tuleap to transform a RNC schema in RNG, or vice versa.

The trang tarball is hosted on and can be downloaded here:

How to use it

In order to use it, extract the tarball content and launch the following command:

$ java -jar trang.jar -I rnc -O rng \
  TULEAP_PATH/plugins/tracker/www/resources/tracker.rnc \

Which files need trang ?

Currently, there are 4 schema files which need trang in case of modification:

  • plugins/tracker/www/resources/tracker.rnc

  • plugins/tracker/www/resources/artifact.rnc

  • plugins/agiledashboard/www/resources/xml_project_agiledashboard.rnc

  • plugins/cardwall/www/resources/xml_project_cardwall.rnc


You can find the trang documentation here: